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Business services

Service at home or customer’s office? Broken Mac computer? Fast replacement of damaged disk or RAM at your office? Backup valuable data? Configuration?

We have been doing this for years. We also provide emergency services that you may require in your company.

We work with many companies from the financial, telecommunications and medical sectors. Therefore, we invite all business clients who value the highest quality of offered services and short deadlines.
With constant cooperation we offer:

Any queries please email to: biuro@icare.net.pl


Expertise for insurance companies

Sometimes it happens that the expert’s statement of the equipment is necessary. We will perform a thorough and accurate assessment of your insured smartphone, tablet or computer. So if you need professional valuation of defects or equipment damage – visit our office.

We will issue expert opinions and cost estimates within one working day. We include all necessary information for the insurance company.

Of course, there is a possibility of repairing your smartphone or tablet within your insurance policy within our service.


Apps for iOS

Our mobile applications are the answer to modern market demand. These can be both simple diary applications, as well as advanced applications that use GPS navigation, audio-video streaming, etc.

We are dedicated to iOS applications.

We guarantee the correct operation of our applications on a variety of devices with different resolutions and diagonal screens. We strive to make our applications easy, intuitive, and deliver the same positive experiences.