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iPhone 24K Gold

Prestige, top quality, uniqueness – all these features combine the iPhone 7 with real 24k gold. The latest Apple smartphone is originally available in five variants – gold, silver, black, as well as pink and gold onyx. The differences in all cases are limited to colors, of course, but the materials made of each iPhone are exactly the same. In our casing of the iPhone 7 changes are  not only color but primarily the  material. We also offer gold plated iPhone 6. The real gold that we “cover” the whole smartphone (of course not the screen) is 24 karat and gives the iPhone a unique character.


IPhone 7 covered with real gold – chic and luxury in your pocket

Telephones have for some time become an exclusive gadget, by many people treat it as prestige as a watch. Our gold-plated iPhone 6 or 7 introduces smartphones to the previously unavailable luxury level. Just like an exclusive watch, the iPhone with gold is always with you, during all conversations and meetings. The gold-plated iPhone makes a great impression and was made with great care for every detail. Exceptional appearance is not everything, gold is also very practical and solid material. Your golden iPhone 6 or 7 will be the perfect presentation of your professionalism.

Unique idea for an exclusive gift – iPhone with real gold

IPhone covered with real gold is a gift that the recipient will never forget. The unique, gold-plated iPhone 6 or 7 is a unique and unconventional podium. Beautiful, luxurious and in addition a very practical smartphone is a great gift idea for an important person. Contact us and order a unique iPhone covered with genuine gold!

On special order we can prepare for you also iPad and MacBooks covered with real gold!