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iPhone battery replacement

26 October 2020 Bez kategorii Wymiana baterii w iPhone taśma

iPhone battery condition  when should you replace it?

Replacing battery in iPhone

All rechargeable batteries are parts that got exploited over time and they have limited number of charging cycles.

Chemical wearing of lithium-ion batteries causes slow deterioration of accumulated energy, which consequently translates to shortening the time a phone can function between charges. That time is defined as maximum battery capacity, meaning current battery capacity compared to the new one. Battery steadiness for instantaneous power consumption also decreases (peak power consumption).

When battery’s chemical age is advanced and the charging level is low, users may experience unexpected switch off of their device, especially in lower temperatures. In extreme cases the switch offs may be happening so frequently, that the device is no longer useful. Battery replacement in iPhone should be done every 2-3 years, similarly to MacBook or iPad where time frame for replacement would be 3-4 years. It depends on how much given device is being exploited.

iPhone displays low battery condition, is it time for battery replacement?

It should be remembered that devices with old and worn battery will unexpectedly switch off more often when the battery is poorly charged and temperatures get lower. User may also notice symptoms like:

  • Slower launch of applications
  • Decrease in smooth scrolling
  • Dimming of the screen light
  • Lower volume of speakers
  • Turned off visibility of flashlight

How to check battery condition?

Starting with iPhone 6 system iOS 11.3 (and newer) offers new function, which is displaying battery condition and informing the user when the battery needs to be replaced. These elements can be found in Settings ->Battery-> Battery Condition. Due to this option, decision regarding iPhone battery replacement can be done professionally and not solely based on users intuition. Nevertheless, battery replacement is justified even in older models like iPhone 5s and we still provide that service option.

Battery maximum capacity

Battery Condition section on screen contains information about battery maximum capacity and its capability for peak power consumption.

Maximum capacity is a form of measuring battery’s capacity in comparison to new battery capacity. Along with chemical aging, the capacity decreases and therefore the device requires charging more often. Depending on time between iPhone production and its activation, battery capacity may be slightly lower than 100%.

When iPhone battery condition deteriorates, peak power consumption also decreases. On the screen Battery Condition we have option “Peak performance capability”.

Regular productivity

When battery condition allows to meet peak power consumption demand and power management function is not being used, the device will inform us about battery ability to meet peak power demand. Typical battery is designed to keep 80% of its capacity after 500 full charging cycles in normal conditions. It should be remembered that one year warranty includes servicing of the faulty battery.  Obviously, not all batteries are under warranty protection. In that case the best option would be to visit iCare center, which offers paid battery replacement within a few hours. The prices are as following:

  • Older iPhone models (5 and 5c) – 120 zł
  • iPhone 5s – 140 zł
  • iPhone SE – 150 zł
  • iPhone 6 – 180 zł
  • iPhone 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus – 190 zł
  • iPhone 7 – 190 zł
  • iPhone 7 Plus – 240 zł
  • iPhone 8 – 250 zł
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 250 zł
  • iPhone X and newer models – 350 zł

If you don’t have time to visit service center, you can have courier delivery arranged by us and additionally get 10% off of your battery replacement.