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Replacing the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X

Smartphones, even the best ones, have that to themselves that they get damaged over time. Right after the screen, the part that is most likely to break and is exposed to damage is the back cover of the phone. Scratches, cracks, unsightly splinters, or traces of use on a white casing may result from the phone falling, wearing it in a key pocket, or another unexpected accident. Fortunately, there is advice. We will replace the back cover on your iPhone without any hindrance. Or maybe you just want to change the casing from black to white? In this we can also help.

Are you afraid of high exchange costs? Do you think the price will discourage you from replacing the subassembly? Or do you think that no service will repair old models such as 4 or 4S? Needlessly – our Lodz service is able to guarantee the effectiveness of our services and the attractiveness of prices! We will consider changing the casing to a new one in older models such as 4 and 4S, or exchanging for a different color. You need white or black case – in our service in Lodz you will find what you want.

Comprehensive, professional services, low cost guarantee

iCare offers a rear cover replacement for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X with specialized hardware. Our technicians are passionate about Apple hardware, who, thanks to their experience, will even realize the most demanding repair. You have the guarantee of an effective and professional service at an attractive price. Many years of experience in the field of replacement of the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X models has a positive impact on the quality of service and repair costs.

Our service in Lodz is characterized by a very short waiting time to change the rear housing. In most cases, the housing (both white and black) we have in place, it is not necessary to order and import, which unfortunately often occurs in other services of this brand.

We cordially invite you to our iCare service in Łódź – where we will advise you and give you detailed information on repairs, housing changes and service rates. Do not worry about costs, changing the back cover for a new one does not have to cost much! Contact us about price.

High quality components

At iCare in Łódź we work only on original parts. All parts are available on site, so the term of repair is not extended indefinitely. The availability of both white and black cases on site is also a guarantee of a fixed cost. If you need repair in our service, but you live out of Lodz, order a courier. He will pick up your device next day.